2017 Educational Conference

2017 Educational Conference Resources & Materials

Bazron Salim Headshot

Session Name: State & Federal Regulatory and Legislative Update

Presented By: Barbara Bazron, Ph.D., Executive Director of Maryland’s Behavioral Health Administration & Onaje Salim, EdD, LCPC, NCC, Director, Division of State and Community Assistance, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, HHS/SAMHSA 

Director Salim’s PowerPoint
Dr. Bazron’s PowerPoint

Antoine HeadShot

Session Name: Integration of Technology within Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Considerations and Potential Barriers

Presented By: Denis Antoine, MD, DABAM, FAPA, Director, Motivated Behaviors Unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital & Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Resources: View Dr. Antoine’s PowerPoint

Heit HeadShot

Session Name: Patient-Centered Approach to Urine Drug Testing

Presented By: Howard A. Heit, MD, FACP, FASAM, Practicing Chronic Pain Specialist & Assistant Clinical Professor, Georgetown University

Resources: Please visit the monograph Urine Drug Testing in Clinical Practice: The Art and Science of Patient Care of which Dr. Heit is an author.

Katz Olsen Headshot

Session Name: Put PDMP to Work for You, a Useful Tool in Your Daily Practice

Presented By: Paul Katz, DO, FACA, FASAM, Founder of the Chesapeake Wellness Center & Yngvild Olsen, MD, FASAM, Medical Director, Institutes for Behavior Resources, Inc.

Resources: View Dr. Katz & Olsen’s PowerPoint

Kolodner HeadShotSession Name: Withdrawal Management of Physical Dependence on Alcohol

Presented By: George Kolodner, MD, FASAM, DLFAPA, Medical Director, Kolmac Clinic & Clinical Professor, Georgetown University and University of Maryland Schools of Medicine

Resources: View Dr. Kolodner’s PowerPoint

Fishman HeadShotSession Name: Recent Research Greatest Hits 2017

Presented By: Marc Fishman, MD, FASAM, Medical Director, Maryland Treatment Centers, & Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University Department of Psychiatry