Mission & Goals
The mission of MDDCSAM is to provide a medium for physicians, medical trainees, and other healthcare providers with special interests in Addiction Medicine to meet and address issues of mutual interest and concern.

The Society exists to

  • Enable networking with colleagues in Addiction Medicine by providing a forum for sharing ideas
  • Provide closer liaison between members and the national activities of ASAM
  • Provide liaison to other physicians, physician societies, and other healthcare entities in Maryland regarding Addiction Medicine issues
  • Increase public awareness and enhance knowledge and attitudes about the existence and vitality of the specialty of Addiction Medicine and the chronic disease of addiction and its related problems
  • Serve as a vehicle for increased professionalism and sharing higher quality information on prevention, training, and treatment regarding substance use disorders and related conditions
  • Serve as a resource for state and national public policy issues that affect Addiction Medicine services and patients with addiction